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Google testing a new lightweight search app to help users save on data


#Google Testing New Search Lite App

Google is testing a new lightweight search app which provides a version of its search service designed to consume less data and perform faster, according to a report from Android Police. The app was recently spotted in an ad on Facebook in Indonesia, inviting users to test it out. Those who have signed up, have started receiving a link to try this experimental search app. This search app from Google known as Search Lite.

Google Search Lite primarily aims to make things faster and more data-friendly by working on slow connections, supporting offline features, using less data and thus taking much less time to finish tasks.

Google Search Lite provides an entirely different landing page compared to what you see when launching the regular search app. The app also provides quick access to options like “news,” “weather,” and “nearby,” besides the basic feature of “search”. There’s also a “personalize” button in this menu, so presumably, you can edit the options shown in the menu. It feels like the regular Google Search + Feed app that we all know, but with less preloaded data and easier control over what you want to see.

Google Lightweight Search App helps save Users data
via Android Police

#Search Lite vs Google Search

Search Lite similar to Google Search can perform voice and text searches. The position of the search bar is at the bottom of the display and hence more accessible. The search bar shows suggested keyword additions just on top of it when you perform a search.

Search Lite gives the options to the users to confine the results to “lite pages” and “internal web browser”.

This app is basically targeting emerging markets that lack the mobile data infrastructure.

The intentions of this Search Lite app is not very clear. Its in the early stages of development and only available in handful of languages. It will be quite early to say anything about this app.

#App Market Reach

Google’s efforts to make its products more accessible in certain markets is good news for some consumers. Territories like North America and Europe, would probably appreciated lightweight apps like these. For those who don’t have an unlimited plan, or prefer a more streamlined / faster app, they could come in real handy.

If you want to give Search Lite a try, you have to be in Indonesia to even view the app’s listing on the Play Store and you might also need to already be on the pre-approved list for testing.