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Continuous Testing – Android Emulator Tools

Android Emulator is often used by the developers during the development process to test the latest changes quickly. Recently, Android Development Team has announced...

How to Integrate AdMob in Android App

So you want to monetize Android Application by adding AdMob to your App. Here we are gonna share the steps for integration of AdMob to Android...

Android QR Code Scanner Tutorial

In this journal entry, we will learn how to create Android QR Code Scanner. This is the right place to look if you are planning to implement Barcode or QR Code Scanner in your Android Application.

Koin Dependency Injection for Android

KOIN is a simple (but powerful) dependency injection framework for Android.

Marinator – Dependency Injection Made Delicious

Marinator decendency injection was created keeping Dagger 2 in mind for dependency injection in Android Apps.

How to Add a Fragment to an Activity at Runtime in Android App?

Android fragments contributes a portion of UI to the host activity embedded as a part of the activity's overall view hierarchy.

Android Maintaining Compatibility

Looking to implement android features available for version 5.0 and above and also want your app to run on older devices. Maintaining the Compatibility is the key here.

Android Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded for Men QT4011/15 Android Studio comes with pre-defined keyboard shortcuts for many common actions. Specified below is the table...

15 Best Productivity Apps for Android Devices

The reason we are getting more productive every day is because of the existence of smartphones. They’re like tiny super computers that are very handy to carry and we keep them in our pocket.

Tips for Android Developers for Successfully Publishing App on Google Play Store

Tips for Android Developers for successfully publishing app on Google Play Store.

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