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Top 10 ReactJS Boilerplate Codes

In this journal entry, we will be looking into the top 10 ReactJS boilerplate codes that will help you kick-start your project. This boilerplate are shortlisted based on their star ranking on github.

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ReactJS Boilerplates

NameGithub Star RankingDescription
facebook/create-react-app49,616Create React App

Get Started Immediately

Create React App works on macOS, Windows, and Linux.

You don’t need to install or configure tools like Webpack or Babel.
They are preconfigured and hidden so that you can focus on the code.

Just create a project, and you’re good to go.

Check out this boilerplate at Github.
zeit/next.js25,718Next.js is a minimalistic framework for server-rendered React applications.

Visit nextjs.org/learn to get started with Next.js.

react-boilerplate/react-boilerplate18,318Start your next react project in seconds

A highly scalable, offline-first foundation with the best DX and a focus on performance and best practices

Check out this boilerplate at Github
kriasoft/react-starter-kit17,673React Starter Kit — "isomorphic" web app boilerplate

React Starter Kit is an opinionated boilerplate for web development built on top of Node.js, Express, GraphQL and React, containing modern web development tools such as Webpack, Babel and Browsersync. Helping you to stay productive following the best practices. A solid starting point for both professionals and newcomers to the industry.

Check out the Github
erikras/react-redux-universal-hot-example11,218This is a starter boilerplate app put together using the following technologies:

=> Isomorphic Universal rendering
=> Both client and server make calls to load data from separate API server
=> React
=> React Router
=> Express
=> Babel for ES6 and ES7 magic
=> Webpack for bundling
=> Webpack Dev Middleware
=> Webpack Hot Middleware
=> Redux's futuristic Flux implementation
=> Redux Dev Tools for next generation DX (developer experience).
=> React Router Redux Redux/React Router bindings.
=> ESLint to maintain a consistent code style
=> redux-form to manage form state in Redux
=> lru-memoize to speed up form validation
=> multireducer to combine single reducers into one key-based reducer
=> style-loader, sass-loader and less-loader to allow import of stylesheets in plain css, sass and less,
=> bootstrap-sass-loader and font-awesome-webpack to customize Bootstrap and FontAwesome
=> react-helmet to manage title and meta tag information on both server and client
=> webpack-isomorphic-tools to allow require() work for statics both on client and server
=> mocha to allow writing unit tests for the project.

Check out the Github
davezuko/react-redux-starter-kit10,210This starter kit is designed to get you up and running with a bunch of awesome front-end technologies.

The primary goal of this project is to provide a stable foundation upon which to build modern web appliications. Its purpose is not to dictate your project structure or to demonstrate a complete real-world application, but to provide a set of tools intended to make front-end development robust, easy, and, most importantly, fun. Check out the full feature list below!
dvajs/dva9,749Lightweight front-end framework based on redux, redux-saga and react-router.
coryhouse/react-slingshot8,554A comprehensive starter kit for rapid application development using React.

Why Slingshot?

=> One command to get started - Type npm start to start development in your default browser.
=> Rapid feedback - Each time you hit save, changes hot reload and linting and automated tests run.
=> One command line to check - All feedback is displayed on a single command line.
=> No more JavaScript fatigue - Slingshot uses the most popular and powerful libraries for working with React.
=> Working example app - The included example app shows how this all works together.
=> Automated production build - Type npm run build to do all this
este/este5,427Universal React. React + React Native.

reactstrap/reactstrap4,821Stateless React Components for Bootstrap 4.

Follow the instructions in Github to get started with reactstrap

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