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Angular 4.3 Now Available

A few days back, the Angular team has announced a newer version of Angular 4.3, this version is a minor release of the framework. This release version contains no breaking changes and it is just designed as a drop-in replacement for earlier versions 4.x.x.

This release is just the Angular team’s adoption of Semantic Versioning. Wondering what’s the adoption of Semantic Versioning is, well as per the team out there, “Semantic Versioning means that our version numbers are meaningful. Patch releases will not change the functionality, minor releases will contain only additive changes, and breaking changes are reserved for major releases.”

Features Include

  • The introduction of a new smaller, easier to use and powerful library HttpClient for making HTTP requests.
  • New router lifecycle events for Guards and Resolvers. Four new events: GuardsCheckStart, GuardsCheckEnd, ResolveStart, ResolveEnd join the existing set of life cycle event such as NavigationStart.
  • The ability to conditionally disable animations.
  • Deprecates support for the emulated /deep/ CSS Selector. This has been done to match browser implementations and Chrome’s intent to remove. ::ng-deep has been added to provide a temporary workaround for developers currently using this feature.

The full changelog is available here.




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