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Getting Started with NativeScript

Web developers, do you want to build amazing iOS and Android apps, then NativeScript could possibly be one of the solutions for you.

NativeScript is free and open source framework for building truly native mobile apps using the web technologies you already know, i.e., Angular, Typescript, or Javascript.

NativeScript renders UIs with the native platform’s rendering engine—no WebViews—resulting in native-like performance and UX.

The NativeScript cross-platform modules give you the convenience of writing iOS and Android apps from a single codebase, while the NativeScript runtimes give you the power of accessing native APIs, SDKs, and frameworks when you need them—all without needing to open Xcode or Android Studio.

There are few Pre-Requisites before starting up with NativeScript.

  1. Javascript – Basic knowledge of JS, such as functions, loops, if statements, etc.
  2. CSS – You should be familiar with writing CSS selectors and know how to apply CSS rules as name-value pairs.
  3. Terminal / Command Prompt – You should know to open terminal/command prompt, make and change directories, and how to execute commands.
  4. IDE: You favorite text editor for writing NativeScript or you can use one of our favorites “Visual Studio Code” or “Atom”.

In the next upcoming articles, we will be sharing the steps on how to install and start developing native apps using NativeScript on your development machine.


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