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How to Configure Android Studio? – Part 2

In continuation of our previous journal entry on How to Configure Android Studio? - Part 1, we will be looking into some details on...

How to Configure Android Studio? – Part 1

Additional configuration settings you may want to use to customize your use of Android Studio.

Android Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded for Men QT4011/15 Android Studio comes with pre-defined keyboard shortcuts for many common actions. Specified below is the table...

4 Steps to Add Custom Font in Android App

Android gives you the flexibility to easily customize the fonts that you want to use for your Applications Text. All you have to do is...

Understanding Android TransitionManager

TransitionManager class which was added in Android API level 19, manages the set of transitions that fire when there is a change of SCENE.  To use...

Steps to Setup Espresso for Android Apps

Before we start the setup process for Espresso for testing, it is recommended to turn off the following system settings on your virtual or...

How to Add Firebase to your Android Project

In this journal entry we will be looking on how to add Firebase to your Android Project.

Gradle Declaring Dependencies – Android

In the Android App, once the repositories have been defined, we can then define the dependencies or artifacts that we are looking to use...

Understanding Parcelable Interface – Android

Pass objects between Android Activities using Parcelable Interface

Instant Run Your Android App | Android Studio

Instant Run your apps on Android Studio helps in significantly reducing the time taken to update the app with code and resource changes.

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