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Popular Frameworks Associated with Node.js

In this journal, we will be discussing the features and advantages of some of the popular frameworks associated with Node.js so that the business and site owners can choose the one they like to strengthen their web presence.

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Popular Nodejs Frameworks


Express.js, this robust framework was created by TJ Holowaychuk. This framework doesn’t need an introduction, as it is backed up by a large community who keep on adding and reforming the features and core functionalities. This framework being lightweight is also referred to as the most reliable Node.JS framework for web application development. Using this framework, the developers can easily create applications in pure Node.JS but with minimum lines of code. The learning curve is also small for this framework which makes it a perfect choice for the developers.

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Hapi.js was introduced by Eran Hammer at Walmart while preparing to manage the Black Friday Traffic. The distinguishing feature of this framework is that independently runs without any assistance on Express. Due to the plugin extensibility of Hapi, the developers could easily combat over the limiting functionality of Express. For all these years, Hapi has managed to create a niche of its own in the realm of web application frameworks. Rather than writing fresh codes, this framework focuses on managing tasks via configuration most of the times. This open-source framework is distributed authoritatively under MIT license.


Sail.js is a well-known Node.js framework famous for its serviceability towards enterprise-wide systems . It was built by Mike McNeil in 2012. Sail confers the architecture similar to the one of Ruby on Rails along with an added feature that gives more scope to creativity and data-focused advanced app development. This framework is mostly used to create real-time chat based applications and can easily work with other tools at the same time. According to the experts, Sails.js framework can easily run on “any database” and is quite responsive towards front-end.


Koa was introduced in 2013 by TJ Holowaychuk, who described it as an expressive middleware for Node.js that uses generators — hence making the process of writing web applications and REST APIs more enjoyable. This futuristic framework is a much more precise and powerful version of Express.js. It helps develop web applications and dynamic REST APIs . ‘Generators’ help developers mitigate errors easily by limiting the use of callbacks.


With more than 33K stars on GitHub, Meteor.js successfully stands as an undisputed king in the world of frameworks. Backed by a huge active community, tutorials, documentation, custom packages and much more, Meteor.js lets you create remarkable web and mobile applications strictly based on JavaScript. This open-source framework configures an open-source structure that supports OS X, Windows, and Linux. You can easily write both the server and client section of the application in JavaScript.

The best part about Meteor is that it confirms a programming model that initiates the development of real-time applications with minimum JS codings.

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#Key takeaways

The web and app development realm are witnessing a rapid change which prompts business and site owners to use variously advanced frameworks for their projects. Each and every framework offers a different set of features but they are all built with a common objective —namely to develop real-time applications. The above-mentioned frameworks are the best among the available Node.js frameworks.

With its proficiency, Node.js is significantly influencing the future of the web and mobile app development. And only an experienced pair of hands could use it to develop scalable, swift, and spontaneous web/mobile applications.


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