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Best Java Programming Books You Should Read

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Java is one of the widely used language for enterprise software development, web development, and for the Android App development also. In this journal we will be showcasing the collection of best java programming books available out there that will help you master the art of Java programming.

Sun Microsystems released Java back in 1990 with the philosophy of write once and run everywhere.

The books have always provided the needed information in the best way possible. There is no dearth of good java programming books out there. These books can train you on fundamentals of programming in Java.

It is important to find and follow the right set of books to understand the depths of the language.

What are the Best Books to Learn Java?

Well to answer this question in simple words it totally depends on what you like and whats your final goal. The programming experience and the amount you are willing to pay for the book. You can also find free books and online tutorials. You can refer to them if you are looking forward to learn something very specific. If the goal is to understand the depths and breadths of java, then online tutorials will not work. You need to get hold of one or more of the good java books.

We have tried to sum up some of the best books available in the market for the programmers like you and us.

List of Best Java Programming Books

#Head First Java

This book is from the house of O’Reilly Media and was originally published in 2003 by Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra. The book is also one of the most popular books among the new programmers. This book takes an interactive and fun approach for better understanding of different fundamentals of Java. The book offers multi-sensory and fun learning experience for new programmers, so they can easily pick up the new language.

On a personal note we personally liked this book for its presentation style, that is the use lots of humorous images, memorable analogies and mind-bending exercises.

Book gives complete information about object-oriented programming and depths of java. And covers anything and everything starting from the core java to advanced topics. Including threads, network sockets, and distributed programming with RMI.

You can buy this book from Amazon

#Java: The Complete Reference

It’s a book by “Herbert Schildt”, one of the world’s leading programming author and a leading authority of Java, C++, and C#. The book has a compilation of all the basic concepts of core Java. Including the very basics like how to create, compile, and run a “Hello World” Java program. Extending further from the basics, it also includes keywords, syntax, and aspects that are fundamental to learning Java. And object oriented programming concepts in general.

The book is fully updated for Java SE 8, i.e., it covers all the new features includeing modules and lambda expressions. The focus in this book has also been shifted towards Swing and all the AWT related materials are condensed.

Dynamic code examples in the book shows key features in action, information on Java’s core libraries and key programming techniques. Source codes for all examples and projects in the book are available for free download.

To buy this book from Amazon.

#Core Java: An Integrated Approach, New: Includes All Versions upto Java 8

Core Java – An Integrated Approach covers all core concepts in a methodical way. It helps you learn the concepts—from OOPS to abstract classes and interfaces; from software packaging to providing API documents; from error handling to converting fundamental data into object form; from collection framework to streams and creating client and server program to threads; from creating GUI applications to generics and communication with database. This book also covers the interview questions along with the subject matter to help students do well in interviews. The questions presented in this book have been collected from various interviews.

You can buy this book from Amazon.

#Java 8 Programming Black Book

Java 8 Black Book is a solid introductory reference that has been written from the experts’ point of view and so includes hundreds of examples covering every feature of the subject. The book takes you in the direction of mastering the entire spectrum of Java 8-from generics to security enhancements, from new applet deployment enhancements to networking, from multiple threads to JavaBeans, from JDBC to file handling and much more. Designed to contain more on Java 8 than any other book on the topic, every aspect of this book is worth its price.

You can buy this book from Amazon.

#OCA Java SE 8 Programmer I Exam Guide (Exams 1Z0-808)

Planning to clear the OCA JAVA SE8 Certification (Exams 1Z0-808). Well the wait is over, this is the book from Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates for everyone who are planning to clear this exam. The book presents up to date guides on every topic required for Java SE 8 Programmer 1 exam.

The more you practice, the more chances are there to clear the certification. There is no shortage of practice questions in this book. All the questions reflect the style, tone, content, and format of those in the actual exam.

The book also accompanies electronic content in the CD that includes secured PDF of the book, 200 questions for practice and customizable test engine.

In short this book not only focuses on teaching java but also helps you in achieving the certification.

You can buy this book from Amazon.

#Java 8 in Action: Lambdas, Streams, and functional-style programming

Every new version of Java is important, but Java 8 is a game changer. Java 8 in Action is a clearly written guide to the new features of Java 8. It begins with a practical introduction to lambdas, using real-world Java code. Next, it covers the new Streams API and shows how you can use it to make collection-based code radically easier to understand and maintain. It also explains other major Java 8 features including default methods, Optional, CompletableFuture, and the new Date and Time API.

This book is written for programmers familiar with Java and basic OO programming.

You can buy this book from Amazon.

#Java Concurrency in Practice

This book is a combination of concepts, guidelines and examples intended to assist developers in the difficult process of understanding concurrency and its new tools in J2SE 5. 0. Filled with contributions from Java gurus such as Josh Bloch, David Holmes and Doug Lea, this book provides any Java programmers with the basic building blocks they need to gain a basic understanding of concurrency and its benefits.

  • Powerhouse author team with contributions from Doug Lea, Josh Bloch and David Holmes
  • A practical, hands-on, example-driven guide for every working Java programmer
  • Based on J2SE 5. 0 which includes many new concurrency features that make concurrency development much more accessible (and necessary)
You can buy this book from Amazon.



Books are the best way to understand the concepts and fundamentals. In this journal, we have tried to cover the books that are best in the business. Books from the authors like Kathy Sierra, Bert Bates, Herbert Schildt and other experts in Java programming.

If you are planning to buy the book, do not worry much about the publication dates. The core concepts of the programming language do not change for decades; however, the books keep on getting revisions with inclusions of all the latest features.

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