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Top Reasons to shift to Kotlin for Server Side Programming

Kotlin Background
Kotlin Background

Kotlin is a statically typed programming language from JetBrains, the creator of the world’s best IDEs. If you are developing or planning to develop server-side applications, then you should give Kotlin a try. It allows you to write concise and expressive code while maintaining full compatibility with existing Java-based technology stacks. Here are some of the top reasons to shift to Kotlin for Server Side Programming

Reasons to Shift to Kotlin

Expressiveness: Kotlin’s innovative language features, such as its support for type-safe builders and delegated properties, help build powerful and easy-to-use abstractions.

Scalability: Kotlin’s support for coroutines helps build server-side applications that scale to massive numbers of clients with modest hardware requirements.

Interoperability: Kotlin is fully compatible with all Java-based frameworks, which lets you stay on your familiar technology stack while reaping the benefits of a more modern language.

Migration: Kotlin supports gradual, step by step migration of large codebases from Java to Kotlin. You can start writing new code in Kotlin while keeping older parts of your system in Java.

Tooling: In addition to great IDE support in general, Kotlin offers framework-specific tooling (for example, for Spring) in the plugin for IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.

Learning Curve: For a Java developer, getting started with Kotlin is very easy. The automated Java to Kotlin converter included in the Kotlin plugin helps with the first steps. Kotlin Koans offer a guide through the key features of the language with a series of interactive exercises.