Change Context Path in Spring Boot Application

The default context path of the Spring Boot application is the root context path("/"). Usually, conventions are preferred over configuration; however, there may be...

How to Transfer file through SFTP in Java

In this journal entry, we will be looking at the methods on how to transfer a file through SFTP in Java on a remote...

Understanding null in Java

Java and null share a unique bond. Almost all of the Java developers get trouble with the NullPointerException and this is the most infamous...

Creating Web APIs using ASP.NET and MySQL

In this journal, we will be creating a Web API using ASP.NET and MySql. All thanks to the Entity Framework and ASP.NET, creating Web...

Continuous Testing – Android Emulator Tools

Android Emulator is often used by the developers during the development process to test the latest changes quickly. Recently, Android Development Team has announced...

Top 10 Visual Studio Code Extensions

Visual Studio Code extensions make this editor as the best code editor out there at the moment. The extensions for this editor are available via the Market Place. Market Place offers tons of extensions to customize as per the developer's needs and help them in writing high-quality code.

Understanding Java Thread Pool with Example

In this journal entry, "Understanding Java Thread Pool", we will be answering to the question "Why the application need a thread pool?". Well the...

How to create reusable packages for .NET Core

In this journal blog, we will be looking at how to create reusable packages of code for .NET Core. Reusable packages of code are...

How to Build a Data Pipeline using Flink and Kafka

In this journal blog, we are going to have a look at how to build a data pipeline using Flink and Kafka. But before...

WordPress 5.0 Release Candidate Available Now

Wordpress has made their 5.0 Release Candidate available for the huge Wordpress community.

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